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Educational Program Guide

  • Basic education
    We thoroughly guide basic education responsibility for each subject and develop students to be self-confident by teaching with careful attention to maximize achievement level considering student's ability and level of learning.

  • Education based on Christianity
    Humanity education based on Christian faith, weekly worship, seasonal retreat. Once a week chapel service, once a week Bible study, and various Christian education programs will be held.

  • Personality education
    Children who love the country and serve their parents. Children who give and receive love. Children grows up with learning proper habits to become world citizen. Children who is polite with good heart and values.

  • English education
    All of our children feel English and learn English freely by cooperating with our English teachers and teachers. We also offer a variety of English-related events to improve your English language skills, enhance your interest and interest in English, and give you confidence and achievement motivation. We cultivate global leaders with an international sense through cultural activities in English.

  • Science education
    Experimentation, Instruction through practice, Inquiry learning and laboratory practice, activities with scientific observation, experiment, and practice, Scientific inquiry and creativity enhancement through science experiment.